There’s Nothing Wrong With Foreigners Voting In Ghana’s Election-EFL

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Founder of pressure group Economic Fighters League Ernesto Yeboah says there is nothing wrong with foreigners voting in Ghana’s general elections.

Reacting to the long-held view and the constitutional provision that bars foreigners from participating in elections in Ghana, Ernesto Yeboah said these nationals are residents here and operate businesses in Ghana hence they should be allowed to vote in our elections.

Using the United Kingdom as an example, he said Ghanaian residents there are allowed to vote and allowed to contest elections hence it would be good for Ghana to also adopt that approach.


He said Africans should see themselves as a united front and desist from the scenario where we place barriers amongst ourselves.

This mentality he added has divided us and retarded our progress.

He said Ghana should allow our neighbors including South Africa, Mali, Kenya, and others who are residents here to participate in our polls.

He stressed the need for us to look at the bigger picture instead of our individual interests.

He said we can advance our policies on trade, security, and other areas to our benefits and the growth of the people on the continent.

“Our leaders should be open-minded and look at the bigger picture in all of these. We want to promote African Unity now and this is one of the things we can do to embark on that agenda.

The Electoral Commission (EC) has admitted that there are still some minors and foreigners on the newly-compiled voters’ register.

EC Chairperson Jean Mensa made this known at a press briefing yesterday (Wednesday) adding that steps have been taken to remove all illegal registrants before the December polls.

“We are aware that a number of minors have found their way on to the register and we are confident that the challenge process initiated at all districts throughout the country will help deal with this illegality and rid the register of those who do not deserve to be there,” she said.

Mrs. Mensa also disclosed that 37,762 applicants were challenged during the just ended voters registration exercise.

“One of the mechanisms set out in law for cleaning the register and ridding it of ineligible persons is the challenge system. The challenge system contributes to ensuring and guaranteeing the credibility of the register,” the EC boss said.

“It enables a qualified registered voter to challenge the registration of an applicant on the grounds that the applicant does not satisfy the laid down requirement, namely, that the applicant is not a Ghanaian or that he or she is not 18 years of age, or that he or she is not of sound mind.”

In all, the EC has registered 16,963,306 eligible voters.




–Rainbow Radio

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