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Thief nabbed after stealing battery from police patrol van in police station [Watch]

A notorious thief has been apprehended after he stole a battery from a patrol vehicle in the police station

According to a video circulating on social media, the young man said to be a serial car battery thief was arrested after he stole the battery from a police vehicle.

It is not yet known specifically where the incident happened, however some details from the video indicate it occurred in Ghana.

The police vehicle in question as sighted in the video has a Ghana Police Service number plate with registration number GP 3158.

The said thief is also seen standing in front of the car with its bonnet opened carrying the battery on his head.

The police officers who affected his arrest are heard in the background lambasting the suspected thief for his criminal activities. The officers in most parts of the video were heard speaking the Akan language.

One of the officers infuriated by the audacity of the alleged thief is also heard suggesting that the thief be punished by applying acidic contents from the battery to his rectum.

Watch the video below




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