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Thieves caught on video escaping with expensive handbags from store

Robbers were seen jumping out of a Neiman Marcus store in San Francisco, US carrying designer bags as they escaped

They got into three awaiting cars, which drove off immediately with people watching on

The incident is said to be one of many experienced in the city lately, leading some stores to shut down

A number of thieves were captured on camera while running out of a store where they had stolen several designer bags.

The incident took place in a Neiman Marcus store in San Francisco, US, where the suspect run out of the store before jumping into three awaiting cars.

According to CNN, the Francisco Police Department has started to investigate the case to identify the robbers.

The video, shared on Twitter by @DionLimTV, was taken by witnesses who watched the incident, and one could see the thieves jumping out the door with hoodies and coverings on their faces.

They went different ways to jump into three cars, one white and two black, parked outside and sped off.


Thieves steal Balenciaga bags

In a similar incident back in December, six robbers reportedly stole designer Balenciaga purses at a store in Manhattan, New York, worth more than KSh 6.5 million.

According to New York Post, the incident occurred on Saturday, December 26, at midday when the robbers entered the store and made away with the loot.

The criminals reportedly stole 30 bags and during the heist, and one is reported to have warned people in the store to avoid getting into trouble as he gestured like he was reaching for something in his pocket.

The robbers then ran out of the store, and police received reports of one acting like he had a gun at the same time they were escaping.

Reports indicate that the cheapest bag from the loot goes for KSh 200,000 and the most expensive bag stolen priced at 251,000.

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