Tolon residents wails over lack of potable water

Residents of Tolon in the Nothern Region of Ghana have called on the government and stakeholders to help solve the water crisis in the Region.

A dam sited in the Tolon District which serves about four communities is been contaminated because animals drink from it.


When Soiree News visited the Tolon district, it was observed that a dam situated in the Tolon district which supplies water to 4 communities is being used by both humans and animals.

The water is highly contaminated due to how animals walk and defecate in it.

Speaking to some of the residents, they narrated that they drink this water because they don’t have any source of water.

They added that they have always contracted the water-born disease in the community due to the nature of the water.

The residents declared that they have appealed for assistance several times but their plea has invariably rested on death ears.



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