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Photo: Toosweet Annan and Salma Mumin cause confusion with ‘Save the date’


Ghanaian actor Toosweet Annan and actress Salma Mumin have caused a stir on social media with a ‘save the date’ kind of photo.

One cannot make a list of handsome celebrities in Ghana without including Toosweet, neither can you make a list of beautiful actresses in Ghana and exclude Salma Mumin.

New year gifted us with a pose from both actors in a photo which was shared by Toosweet Annan himself on his Instagram page.

The photo came with one of the best captions followers of the actor have seen in a while, it reads; “Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine. @salmamumin “

Also, the photo itself has sparked some controversies as fans keep on questioning whether they are chopping each other, or they are preparing to get married.


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