Trump Exposes Biden, Family Over Corruption

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President Donald Trump of the US has exposed former US Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and his family of indulging in highly corrupt activities during the Obama administration.

According to him, Mr Biden and his son Hunter and a few family took ‘bribes’ from countries like China, Ukraine and Russia.

President Trump stated specifically that Mr. Biden took about $3.5 million from Russia for instance and his son Hunter was on a monthly salary of about $183,000 from one his dubious deals with a foreign nation.

He made the allegations while debating Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, on Friday, October 23, 2020.

The final Presidential debate is taking place at the Curb Event Centre in Nashville, Tennessee USA.

According to President Trump, Mr. Biden during his tenure as US Vice President under the erstwhile President Obama’s administration was involved in a lot corrupt deals with foreign nations.

He stated that “they (Biden’s family) are like vacuum cleaner, they are sucking the money all over the place.”

Mr Biden was accused of being US pointman on Ukraine as Vice President.

His son Hunter was director of Ukraine energy firm.

Mr Biden has been accused for firing of Ukraine prosecutor.

It has been alleged that Hunter’s firm was being looked at. But other countries also wanted the prosecutor fired.

Mr. Biden refuted the claims, saying he did not take any illegal money from any foreign nations.

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