Trump outburst undiplomatic, but true – Jacob Osei Yeboah


The only independent presidential candidate in last year’s election, Jacob Osei Yeboah, has urged African leaders to be challenged by the recent derogatory comments by US President Donald Trump to improve deteriorating conditions on the continent.
Speaking on Joy News channel’s nightly programme, PM Express, on Monday, Mr Yeboah said although the words of the American President were vulgar, they represent the truth.
Thousands across the globe have condemned Mr Trump for recently telling senators that immigrants from Africa, El Salvador and Haiti were from shitholes.
The African Union and the United Nations have issued strong words to condemn the remark by Trump.
President Akufo-Addo and former President John Mahama have all took to their Twitter handles to register their discontent.
Following the backlash, Mr Trump has claimed he was taken out of context.
Speaking on the issue on the current affairs programme, Mr Yeboah said the public anger against the comment is justified, but Mr Trump only spoke the truth: many parts of Africa are very dirty.
“So far as I am concerned, maybe Trump was not diplomatic because that language is vulgar. Aside from that, let’s look at it objectively and you could say that he is not far from wrong. If Ghana and most African countries are pleasant places to live in, we will not have our youth endangering their lives through the desert and being enslaved on another African country or find themselves on another African country facing xenophobic issues. And all of these are actually pointing to the fact that yes indeed most African countries are unpleasant places,” he said.
He adds: “Shithole means unpleasant place…the current NPP government has seen that filth is choking us and therefore elevated a whole sanitation to the ministerial level. This is indeed an indication of the fact that we are being choked to death.”

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