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Twitter users shower praises on Akufo-Addo after 6th coronavirus address

The hashtag ‘Nana Addo’ is trending number one on Twitter following President Nana Akufo-Addo’s sixth national address on Ghana’s anti-coronavirus efforts, Thursday evening.

Many of the comments about the President’s address have sought to praise the President for his exemplary leadership.

A critical part of the President’s televised address on the national effort to defeat the coronavirus pandemic in Ghana was an announcement that power bills for “the poorest of the poor” will be full absolved by governemnt.

“We have decided on further measures of mitigation for all Ghanaians for the next three months, i.e. April, May and June. Government will fully absorb electricity bills for the poorest of the poor, i.e. for all lifeline consumers, that is free electricity for persons who consume zero (0) to fifty (50) kilowatt hours a month for this period.

“In addition, for all other consumers, residential and commercial, Government will absorb, again, fifty percent (50%) of your electricity bill for this period, using your March 2020 bill as your benchmark. For example, if your electricity bill was one hundred cedis (GH¢100), you will pay only GH¢50, with Government absorbing the remaining fifty cedis (GH¢50),” the President announced.

The President explained that this was being done to support industry, enterprises and the service sector in these difficult times, and to provide some relief to households for lost income.

In the President’s previous address last week, he announced a similar initiative for the water bills.

The comments on Twitter, shortly after the last night’s address, have focused on the relief announced by the President in the payment of water and electricity bills.


Nana Addo wore a fabric with Adinkra symbols. Variety symbols
The Adinkra symbols represent wisdom and concepts.

His concept of leadership in this hard times is top notch. And the pink shirt represent how real he is as a man. ✊🏾

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Kelewele Joint 🍟@Ankamagyimi

Government absorb 50% of electricity bills for commercial users and 100% for those who use it from 0-50kilowatts

Nana Addo has won the elections already herh 😂

🕴🏽Mempeasem President 💉🐦🤥💙@AsieduMends

How many retweet for Nana Addo ??

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khay Amponfi@KhayAmponfi_

Nana Addo: 50% of electricity bill would be paid .@DadaAwu to John Mahama:

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CONFIRMED:Nana Addo has tested positive for the President of Ghana again for the next four year.

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But some comments sought to ask for even more support from the government after the three months water and electricity bills relief.

Nungua Rihanna 😍@Akua_Nana_

I’m praying Nana Addo will talk about free data 😢😢😭😭



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