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Two abusuapanyins, other arrested over stolen black stool from Boso-Gua Traditional Palace

Information picked up from Boso, a town in the Asuagyaman district in the Eastern Region of Ghana indicates that on Tuesday 6th April 2021, some people including the Abusuapayin of Boso-Gua Traditional Area and the Abusuapayin of Tosen and one other person have been arrested by police for allegedly stealing the Aduana stool of Boso.

This is the same stool that is currently occupied by Nana Adu Kwaku II, Gyaasehene of Boso. Initial investigation has revealed that all the arrested persons have been granted bail pending the next move by the police.

Sources revealed that the same police is rounding up another group of people who are alleged to have broken into and vandalized the stool room of Som Asare Kwadwo VIII the Nifahene of Boso-Gua Traditional Area. Intel suggests that the breaking into Nifahene’s palace was allegedly orchestrated by the same Gyaasehene Nana Adu Kwaku II and his Abusuapayin Kwadwo Agyei Opare who are now also wanted by the Boso police for questioning. They are the same persons who claimes their stool has been stolen.

However, the alleged stolen Aduana Stool has allegedly been found in the custody of the Abusuapayin of Tosen. Indeed all of it sounds very worrying knowing the tension that has existed in the Boso-Gua community for a while now.

This reporter is reliably informed that the alleged stealing of the stool was infact, a customary statement that was allegedly made by one pilot by name Kofi Afunya who is also an heir to the Aduana stool. He has openly stated that it was him who ordered what he termed as the displacement of the stool and not theft as has been claimed by the Gyaasehene.

He argued that he caused the displacement of the stool because of the very abysmal and disrespectful performance of the Nana Adu Kwaku II the Gyaasehene. He, according to custom, ordered the stool to be brought back to its ancestral home at Tosen.

He further claimed that, the Gyaasehene’s inability to speak the native Gua language makes him insecure and suspicious of everyone in the Aduana family at Boso. And because of that, he has alienated every other member of the family and rules with his mother and Abusuapayin alone.

Further revelations are that the stool never in any circumstances should cross the Volta River. Unfortunately however, under the reign of Nana Adu Kwaku II as Chief of the Aduana family and also Gyaasehene of Boso-Gua, the Stool has against tradition been carried across the Volta River. And so the stool is now in the custody of the police at Akosombo on the wrong side of the Volta River. Some members of the Aduana family are worried that this puts the Gyaasehene in a very serious position.

This reporter was told by some citizens of the community that they see the Gyaasehene Adu Kwaku II as very vindictive and seems to at all cost want to process those arrested to court and further to jail. But they also believe that Gyaasehene Adu Kwaku II seems in his bid to want to take his pound of flesh, to have forgotten the blood that would be spilt. As a result, the elders of the Boso-Gua community are in the process of inviting the Akwamumanhene to intervene before hell breaks lose.

Most of those this reporter has spoken to so far see this case as a chieftaincy dispute and hope that it is treated as such. The details of the information suggest that the root cause of all these matters lie in the long-standing chieftaincy dispute that has gripped the Boso-Gua community for a very long time.

BY Sampson D Mensah.

Investigative Journalist


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