UDS students of Wa campus threaten to boycott graduation.


The students of the University for development studies have today threaten to boycott their forthcoming graduation. The ceremony which was to be held on their own campus has seen a sudden change of venue from Wa to Tamale campus.

According to the students, management has decided not to give any reasonable explanations but only to tell them “it’s management decision”. The students have shared their grievances across so media stating how they have been affected by the change of venue. The aggrieved students have complained about how they have booked an accommodation at various hotels and guest houses for themselves and their parents coming to support them.




They have also raised concerns about their welfare since they are to be in Tamale a day before the ceremony for rehearsals.  Their safety is at stake since the majority of Wa campus students don’t even know Tamale.




The graduands have also complained about the omission of their colleagues’ names. Some graduands who never trail a paper in school and have a very good position in academic records have had their names, not in the graduation list. According to some of the affected students, their names never appeared in both the online and manual graduation list. They filed a complain, waiting for the final list, the school of business and law have released students qualified to graduate and again their names are omitted. These students do not also owe the school even a pesewa.

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