UE: NPP youth club opposes appointment of Deputy Organizer Regional


UE: NPP youth club opposes appointment of Deputy Organizer Regional

A youth wing of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Upper East Region, Agambila Fund Club, has kicked against the appointment of Addi Theodore Tangomne as Deputy Regional Organizer of the party.

In a statement signed by the Upper East Regional chairman, Lawyer Anthony Namoo, Mr. Addi was appointed as a deputy regional organizer among other persons to deputize elected executives.

However, the appointment of Mr. Addi did not go done well with members of the Agambila Fund Club who say the position should have been given to Charles Ndanbon who contested for the organizership but lost to the incumbent by 7 votes.

They added that Mr. Ndanbon should have been appointed deputy organizer of the party taking into consideration “his commitment and hard work as an NPP party faithful” considering his legendary love for the party.

At a news conference in Bolgatanga on Monday, the group expressed surprise at how the chairman and his executives could appoint someone who did not contest for any position, neglecting someone who vied for it but lost.

“So far as he [Ndanbon] was the first runner up then he should have been given the position” Adugbire Solomon, secretary of the Agambila Fund Club lamented.

The youth stated that they have approached the regional chairman, Mr. Namoo to consider appointing Mr. Ndanbon for the position but the chairman rejected their proposal with an explanation that Mr. Ndanbon cannot be appointed to the executive position since he the chairman and Mr. Ndanbon hail from the same constituency, Nabdam.

“Before the appointments, we were at the chairman’s office [and] what he could tell us was that because he is from the same constituency with Charles Ndanbon, he [Ndanbon] is not qualified because they [NPP] want power to be spread” they lamented.

The youth questioned “assuming Charles had won the regional organizer and the chairman wins, are they [NPP] going to nullify one of them because they are from the same constituency?”

Members of the Agambila Fund Club are therefore calling on the NPP chairman and the other executives to rescind their decision and appoint Mr. Ndanbon to the office of regional organizer.

But Lawyer Namoo when contacted said the appointments were done in reflection of the diversity of the party in the region.

He added that, the appointments were also done in cognizance to the outcome of the regional delegates conference held in Bolgatanga in April.

When asked if the party will pay heed to the petitioners and appoint Mr. Ndanbon, the chairman responded “we need Charles [and] any program that we have at the regional organization, Charles will be involved and so once he is involved something is done even though not the position that he wants”


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