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UK-Based Ghanaian reveals he prefers to live in Ghana than grow old in a care home abroad

Hatfield based Ghanaian barber, Eric Amponsah has stated that he has no plans of growing old in the Uk to be put in a care home. He prefers to live in his home in Ghana.

Speaking on ‘Daily Hustle in the UK’ with DJ Nyaami, Eric indicated that it has always been a wish to grow old in his home country. According to Eric, London is a hustling ground.

“Everyone has their choice to make but for me, I do not want to grow old here. I would like to stay in Ghana. For my children, they would have to decide for themselves. It will be difficult for the children who were born here to stay in Ghana unless they want to,” he said.

In giving reasons for his decision, Eric indicated that he does not like the conditions of being elderly in the UK.

“That’s my wish. I don’t like the conditions here and I don’t want to be put in a care home either. I prefer to live in my house in Ghana,” Eric shared on SVTV Africa.

The father of four moved to the UK in 2013 and hopes to come back to Ghana next year. He added that his inability to visit his home country was due to proper documentation.

Kindly watch the full interview below;



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