US Midterm Elections; Democrats are Desperate but States are Going Red


The United States of America’s (USA) Midterm Elections is slated for today, 6th November, 2018. It is meant to elect members for some of the federal offices. The Midterm Elections is a general elections which comes off every four years in November at the midpoint of a USA President’s four-year term of office, notably the second year of a President’s term of office.

Mostly, despite the low turnout of the Midterm elections as against the Presidential elections, it is still used as a referendum to check the performance of a President at the midpoint/second year of his term of office, and also use that to assume the chances of a President’s party and himself in the next presidential elections. Despite it has never been the norm for the party of an incumbent government to gain seats in a midterm general elections, it has historically only been defied twice in the history of USA elections where by a sitting president gained seats, the first was in 1943 under a Democrat President called Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the second was in 2002 under a Republican President called George W Bush. But by an assessment of the works of President Donald Trump under just two years of his rule which can only be labeled as marvelous with impeccable records such as; the reduction of terrorism attacks in USA and across the world, a remarkable increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, increase in jobs, tax reductions, reduction in unemployment, increase in relocation of USA companies into USA, increase in spring up of new industries in USA, better international trade deals and many others, it is believed that President Trump will not only be the third to defy the odds, but also, the Republican Party also known as the Grand Old Party (GOP) under him is likely to gain more seats during the midterm elections than under any in the USA’s history. The Midterm general elections are to elect some of the members of the USA congress, and it is likely to include all the four hundred and thirty-five (435) seats of the House of the Representatives, about thirty-four (34) of the 100 seats of the USA Senates, about 34 of the fifty (50) state governors, and others.

The above reasons and facts are what scare the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Democratic Party and the Democrats as whole, and as result the reason for their desperation to get the Republican Party to lose more of their seats so as to help diminish the moral of President Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee (RNC), the Republican Party and the Republicans as a whole, and through that increase their (Democratic Party) chances of winning the next Presidential elections. And this desperation of theirs has been evident through their employ of diabolic tactics such as lies, fake polls, mailing top Democratic Party leaders with Pipe bombs, influencing public shootings, public riots and demonstrations, racism, hate speeches, and creating an atmosphere of insecurity through the help of their surrogates and media allies.

But despite the frustrations and desperations clearly being exhibited by the Democratic Party, the stakes are still in favour of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and it is clearly evident that the Republican Party under him will come out victorious in addition to a record set at the end of the Midterm Elections.

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Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

Member, Critical Thinkers International (CTI)
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