Only useless pastors will speak against JM’s boot for boot speech-Mugabe


Wherever the Montie 3 Convict, Mugabe Maase went to hide after he was released by the then president John Dramani Mahama from the Nsawam prison where he was jailed with 2 others for contempt, he is back and it appears with more fire.

Mugabe Maasa just described some pastors in Ghana as idiots and useless. According to the controversial NDC supporter, pastors who will have the strength to speak against John Mahama’s “Boot for Boot” speech are all useless and idiots.\\

According to Mugabe Maase, all the pastors describing Mahama’s reaction to the Ayawaso violence are stupid and hypocrites and they should not be entertained in this country.

Mugabe Maase claims Nana Addo Dankwak Akufo-Addo, the president of Ghana is the most violent leader the country has ever seen but because most religious leaders are hypocrites, they will never condemn him.

Mugabe Maase wondered why people like the Christion Council of Ghana will condemn Mahama for his reaction to the violence at Ayawaso by-election and ignore the real violence that was “perpetrated by NPP during the by-election”

Mugabe Maase was speaking on Accra based Radio XYZ when he poured his anger on the pastors in Ghana and the president of Ghana.

After the violence at Ayawaso by-election, John Mahama who was on a campaign tour in the Volta Region stated that NDC is poised to meet NPP boot for boot in 2020 general elections if they want to go the violent.

The Christian Council of Ghana has condemned Mahama’s speech and has even called on him to apologize for creating fear and panic in Ghanaians



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