Vendors, Taxi Drivers At Ridge Hospital refuse to wear Nose Masks

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It is interesting to note that after the Presidential directive on wearing of face mask as part of coronavirus prevention measures, some vendors and taxi drivers operating at the Ridge Hospital in Accra, are not adhering to the order.

A number of food vendors and taxi drivers operating at the main entrance of the Hospital which is one of the treatment centres for coronavirus patients, are not adhering to face mask directive and do not seem to be adhering to other personal protective measures such as wearing of hand gloves.

And with their proximity to the Hospital and interactions with persons moving in and out of the Hospital it is baffling to note that they are rather not being ‘health-conscious.’

DGN online visited the Hospital on Wednesday morning June 17, 2020, and realized that the vendors and drivers were going about their business as usual.

President Akufo-Addo announced on Sunday night, June 14, that the wearing of face mask was now compulsory and that failure to wear it will be considered as an offense in line with an Executive Instrument, with the police tasked to enforce the directive.

“Our survival is in our own hands. If we are lax and inattentive, we will continue to have serious challenges with the virus. If we are mindful and self-disciplined, we will have it in us to defeat this pandemic, and help return our lives to normalcy. I appeal to each and every one of you for your help in this regard,” the President said.

Subsequently, the HO Municipal Assembly is now enforcing the wearing of face mask as it instituted a GHC20 fine against persons who are caught without nose masks in public.



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