Video: Archipalago Backlashed  Akuapem Poloo For Her Indiscretions

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Internet sensation Archipalago has added his voice to the many who backlashed Akuapem Poloo for her indiscretions yesterday.

According to Palago, it is time Poloo gets her priorities right and knows she cannot do whatever it takes all in the name of hype.

Yesterday, the actress was food for social media trolls after she shared a picture of herself no clothes and posed in front of her son who was celebrating his birthday.

The photo was tasteless in every sense of the word. Matters got out of hand and she was summoned by the CID before she had to take the photo down.

Archipalago who is probably the last person to add his voice has advised the mother of one to be extra careful with the choices she makes in the future especially if it involves her son.


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