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Video: Ghanaian Man Arrested At Kotoka Intl Airport With Cocaine Tearfully Asks His Wife For Forgiveness

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Director of Enforcement (Supply Reduction) Narcotics Control Commission, Mr Solomon Stanley Eyo has shed light on the activities of drug barons in Ghana while revealing that they are the most wicked people on earth.

During a sensitization programme recently, Mr Solomon Stanley Eyo recalled an instance when an unnamed man was arrested at the Kotoka International Airport when he was travelling to the United States together with his wife and children. According to him, it was that moment that the family knew the kind of father and husband they were living with all this while.

“There are cases where these drug barons don’t let their children know what they are doing. Some wives don’t know what their husbands are doing. I remember there was a time when a husband, wife and children were travelling to the States and the husband was arrested with drugs in his luggage. When he was arrested do you know what he said? He knelt down pleading with us to ask the wife for forgiveness for what he has done. He wasn’t bothered about the arrest”, he revealed at during the programme.

“The wife never knew what he was doing and that is very wicked. Precious lives being lost. I am not a woman but I have two sons and I know how painful it is”, he stressed.








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