This is how laziness has turned some Ghanaian young ladies into ─ they simply cannot work hard and make their own money but rather resort to juju to ‘milk’ cash out of their lovers.

In a video trending on Instagram, some Ghanaian young women are seen in a queue buying juju ─ all aimed at using it to charm their stingy partners to give them more money.


The woman selling the juju disclosed that it’s nothing resembling the typical juju but rather a few herbs combined to upgrade a woman’s honeypot from sweet to sweetest.

She revealed that once a man enters a woman who uses the herbs, whatever the woman asks, he wouldn’t turn her down especially when it has to do with money.

So whilst other young women are out there working their butts out to the top, the lazy ones are also chasing rich men with juju branded as herbs.


Watch the video below, if you spot your wife or girlfriend in there then you know the kind of woman you married or dating.


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