Former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Professor Stephen Adei believes the time has come for former heads of state found culpable of corrupt dealings during their tenure to be jailed.
Reaffirming the general speculations of corruption in public institutions and politics, he stressed the need for some former Presidents to be incarcerated after their three years of immunity end.
“If you are a president and you ‘chop-chop’, in three years, there’s evidence you’ll go to Nsawam and it’s high time some presidents go to Nsawam,” he noted.
According to a news report sighted by on Ghanaweb.comThe economist called on the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu to investigate all past presidents adding that “if he finds something against a retired president, he should just prepare the dossier. In three years when his immunity is (over), you catch them”.

He further noted that even though not all politicians are corrupt, punishing those who are, will serve as a deterrent to others.

“Many ordinary Ghanaians expect them to be corrupt because they make demands on them far beyond what one could say they could earn. So, it’s a very serious one that has to be tackled and make sure that we make corruption a very expensive business so that attempting it, you know that there’ll be consequences.”
“Corruption distorts the national development and at the end of the day everyone pays the highest price and therefore what I’m saying is that corruption in politics and public services if you look at the Auditor-General’s report, it’s not a perception, it’s a fact,” he bellowed.



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