Video: I Would Have been A Doctor But I Was Too Ugly for Medical School – AY Poyoo

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AY Poyoo has revealed that his mother wanted him to be a doctor but he turned her down to become a musician.

The rapper cum comedian told Delay in a yet to be aired interview that he told himself that he’s too ugly to be a doctor.

According to Poyoo, if someone fell sick and went into a coma and awoke to see his face as a doctor, the person might fall back into the coma because he’s too ugly.

To prevent incidents like that, he told his mother he can’t become a doctor and pursued music full time.

Delay throughout the interview looked like she was 2secs from laughing due to how hilarious the conversation was.

She tried to control herself but body no be firewood – she couldn’t hold it.

The full interview is yet to be aired but Delay dropped a teaser.

Get ready for Poyoo on the Delay Show.




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