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VIDEO: Ibrahim Mahama Gives Testimony In Church; I had only a motorbike in 1997 but now I’ve many big businesses

Ghanaian business tycoon, Ibrahim Mahama has shared his grass to grace story in a church.

The brother of Ghana’s former President Mahama at launch of a book titled Destiny, used his life to motivate others.

Ibrahim Mahama said he believes in destiny because if it wasn’t for destiny he wouldn’t have met the man who changed his life, Uncle Seth.

According to the CEO of Engineers & Planners when he returned from UK to Ghana in 1997, the only thing he has was a motorbike.

So when he wanted to start his business, he wanted to get cars but he had no money but destiny took him to a certain Uncle Seth whom he didn’t know.

The man grew fond of him that he treated him as ‘adopted’ son to the extent this man will call him to come for pickups to go about his business.


20+ years now and his businesses have grown beyond him that he himself can’t manage unless he employs people to manage them to him.


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