Video: Lady Embarrasses A Guy Who Owes Her Ghc1,800 On Legon Campus

For historical reasons this week will go down in the books of the University of Ghana as the week of scandals.

The week started with the BBC’s ‘Sex for Grades’ documentary that shook the foundation of the premium university of the land after two of its highly-respected lecturers Professor Ransford Edward Yaw Gyampo and Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor were implicated in the exposé.

A female student and resident of the Alexander Kwapong Hall dominated headlines after slapping her cheating boyfriend with bathroom slippers.

Not only that less than 24 hours ago a lady and her parents matched to a lecture hall to drag a male student for impregnating her.

The spotlight is still on the University of Ghana and this time around a lady has held and dragged a guy who allegedly owes her Ghs1, 800.

In a video fast trending and intercepted by BrownGh.Com on Instagram the lady who’s apparently upset could be seen holding and dragging a guy on the campus of the University of Ghana.

The reason for her actions is not known at the moment but judging from the voice-over of the video the guy owes her a sum of Ghs1, 800.

She was heard mentioning iPhone and it’s obvious that the Ghc1,800 debt is connected to the purchase of an iPhone.

Watch the video below

BrownGh.Com will report in detail when much information is gathered.


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