Video: Meet the richest 1-year-old-girl entrepreneur

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The feminine’s love for money undoubtedly starts from the womb. They seem to have needs even from childhood, it as if they have everything planned out before they land on earth.

Sexual Boakye

While baby boys are looking for balls to kick, baby girls are looking for money and they how to hide it too.

Where is the number one place ladies like to hide their money especially here in Africa? on their chest right? guess what? ladies were born with it, it a natural instinct.

Although you may not understand what exactly the elderly people are saying because of the language barrier, you can feel how mesmerized they are seeing a baby being so conscious of money.

Watch how an adorable baby girl of about a year or two old grabs and hide money on her chest as if she was old and knows what she is doing.

Watch the video below:

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