VIDEO: My husband is married to his mum – Mother 2 tells a shocking story

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A young lady whose name was identified as Akua Odoma has narrated the ordeal she has gone through at the hands of her mother in law after having two children with her husband.

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Akua who was speaking during an interview with SVTV monitored by revealed that she is now the sole caretaker of the two children and sells honey in other to be able to take care of herself and the two kids.

According to her, her mother-in-law has stated that she won’t allow any lady to get close to his son as she is married to her and she can never be separated from him for no reason.

She further stated that any lady who would try to come between her and his son would have herself to contend with as he would not make his son take care of her.

I wish we could settle down as husband and wife but he is married to his mother. His mother said he is her husband and therefore cannot make him marry another woman. To her, if she allows another woman come in the way, his son will stop taking care of the family like he used to

Akua Adoma further went ahead to cakll on people to come to her so as to be able to get a better job that can provide her with enough money to take care of her children and herself.

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