A group of mobile preachers on Thursday, 11 January, 2018, drew attention in Kumasi when they engaged in a fistfight with the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) Taskforce for stopping them from preaching in front of the Kumasi Central Market.
The Taskforce who have been mandated by the KMA to decongest the main Central Business District (CBD) were said to have ordered the preachers led by one Evangelist Akwadaa Nyame to stop preaching and remove their machines from the CBD.
The preachers having treated the Task force order with disdain forced the security officers to disconnect the machines they were using for the public preaching and loaded the equipment into the KMA operation pick-up.
The action by the Taskforce is said to have angered the preachers and one Evangelist Yaw Tawiah invoked curses on the Task force members.
The Evangelist further poured water on one of the members of the Task force and this degenerated into a fistfight.
The Taskforce subsequently arrested Evangelist Yaw Tawiah and drove him together with the machines to the KMA office.
Adehye FM’s Elisha Adarkwah in an interaction with one of the preachers, Evangelist Thomas Owusu, said they were given 3:00pm as the time they could be allowed to preach at the Central Business District, an order he said they obliged.
He said the Taskforce later came back and said that they will no longer allow them to preach, and therefore, ordered them to remove their machines from the area while preaching had started at the agreed time.
He said they could not allow the Taskforce to obstruct the work of God adding that they security officials would not have acted in that manner if they were to be fetish priests.
He, therefore, indicated that the preachers will follow up to KMA and demand for the release of their colleague and the machines and “if they do not give back our machines, we will curse them”.