Video + Photos: Meet Akosua Sika, the girl who was mercilessly beaten by another girl for snatching her boyfriend


It was reported that recently that Facebook Slay Queen, Akosua Sika has mercilessly been beaten up by another lady (Sharon Gh) and her gang when they caught her in room with his boyfriend.
From the video, the girlfriend of the guy, Sharon GH, and her gang accused Akosua Sika of trying to snatch the guy who they claimed that thay have labored to let him reach where he is now.

Akosua Sika

Through it all, it appears, Asaawa Gh, the guy who they fought over recorded the ordeal himself shared it online.

Sharon GH

Well, the Slay Queen, Akosua Sika has finally spoken. She has explained how she ended up at the guy’s place and how she got her A$$ whipped!

Asaawa Gh

According to her, the guy told her a lot of nasty things about the girlfriend. He told her he loves her and wants to be with her. She, therefore, called the guy that she was hungry and needed money to buy food not knowing it was a set up to disgrace her.

Asaawa GH and his girlfriend, Sharon

The disgraced Slay Queen took to Facebook to explain her side of the drama which is fast going viral online. She posted:


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