Video of top Ghanaian prophet wearing in ladies pants and nighties to preach in church goes viral


Prophet Kofi Oduro Alabaster International Ministry has gone viral after videos of him wearing a ladies underwear and nighties in church surfaced online.

In the video sighted by on, Prophet Oduro was seen preaching to his congregation concerning marriage. In the middle of the preaching, Prophet Oduro stopped to wear a lace-like ladies pant over his pair of trousers.

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He then asked the men among the congregation choose between the pant he was wearing and the one he had in his hand which looked a pillowcase and the men chose the lace pant. From there, the ‘man of God’ put on a nightie and demonstrated how married women should wear that in the morning to serve beverages to their husbands. For him, women who decided to cover themselves in pieces of cloth look untidy and unattractive to their husbands and were likely to lose them to other ladies. “Most married women lose themselves when they get married. To every married woman here, if you want to maintain your marriage you have to raise your game. “The fact that you are married doesn’t mean you don’t have to be sexy or romantic. The side chicks are wearing sexy pant*es to snatch your husbands, you have to stop these ‘pioto”, Prophet Oduro stated.

The video, to understands, was recorded at Love Talk, a special programme about love, marriage and relationships, the church organised.

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