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Video: Tracey and Mzbel’s Sugar Daddy Accused of Having A Mental Problem

Over the past week or so actress Tracey Boakye has brought immense shame to her parents, her family, her God and her country with her actions on social media.

Tracey has shamelessly confessed that she sleeps with a rich man, probably an old wrinkled man with gargantuan belly and stinking breath, to make all the money she had previously deceived us was the result of her hard work.

Tracey, who’s obviously not that smart, revealed this lifestyle of hers just because she was angry Mzbel was chasing her man.

A smarter woman would have found a way to insult/attack Mzbel without exposing her ‘ashawobrity’ lifestyle that way.

Since her rants, the hunt is on for whom that sugar daddy the two celebs are fighting over might be.

On Saturday’s edition of Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review, panellist Ola Michael said a rich man who managed to find an obviously deranged lady like Tracey with a defective character to date might have a ‘mental’ problem.

According to him due to dating a woman like Tracey, he has now been embarrassed numerous times by her and the next time he should go in for a more respectable woman.

“…In her conflict with Mzbel, she (Tracey) said a lot of things that easily embarrassed the man she is fighting over with the singer.

“[I believe] the man has learned his lessons but if he hasn’t, then we should send him to the psychiatric hospital because I feel he will need examination in his brain”. Ola added.


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