Video+Photos: Musician buys own coffin before death


A musician in South Africa, Zodwa Wabantu, has decided to buy her own choice of an expensive casket in which he would be buried when she dies.

After making the purchase, Zodwa, who left her fans confused on social media, explained she didn’t want her family members to struggle for funds after her demise so she decided to find a casket that could assist them to give her a befitting burial.

“Death. Black Society is scared to talk about Death. My Coffin is 150k. Are you ready or your Family is still gonna Run around? I don’t want Zodwa Wabantu was Famous now there’s no Money to bury her” said Zodwa in her Instagram post.

Zodwa ensured she could fit into the casket by lying in it as the vendor stood by in one of the photos posted.

The musician has left most of her fans asking if she is thinking of dying anytime soon.

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