Volta ‘Rebels’ Adopt New Strategy

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The people behind the violence in the Volta Region as part of their so-called effort to ‘secede’ from Ghana and form a state called Western Togoland over the weekend blocked another major road with a heap of sand.

Weight Lose


The incident occurred near the boundary between the Volta Region and Greater Accra on Saturday, and it took the intervention of the security agencies to clear the heap of sand to enable the free flow of vehicular traffic.

It happened a few metres away from the Aveyime/Bator Sec/Tech, which lies between Aveyime and Sege, where a tipper truck driver intentionally offloaded the heap of sand in the middle of the road.


More Arrests

So far, about 100 persons have been arrested in connection with the violence linked to the so-called secessionist activities.


According to Volta Regional Minister Archibald Yao Letsa, those arrested included persons suspected to have been actively involved in the attack on the Mefe and Aveyime police stations in the Tongu area on September 25.


Less than a week after the rioting, attacking police stations and blocking vehicular movements on busy highways close to Juapong on the Accra-Ho highway as well as the Accra-Aflao highway, which triggered tension in the Volta Region, they burnt down two State Transport Corporation (STC) mini buses in Ho on Tuesday, September 29 at dawn as part of their so-called effort to ‘secede’ from Ghana.


The security agencies are currently on the lookout for three groups, namely the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), the Western Togoland Restoration Front (WTRF) and the Western Togoland Assembly (WTA), who claimed to have adopted different strategies but are purporting to fight for a common agenda to push for a so-called Western Togoland in the Volta Region.


The government has said the issue is purely criminal and must be tackled devoid of the usual politics even though the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is creating the impression that the people in their stronghold of the Volta Region are being harassed by the government.


Briefing the media on Thursday, Dr. Letsa, who is also the head of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC), confirmed that about 100 persons had so far been arrested “thanks to the efforts of our security operatives and citizens of the Volta Region.”


He said a suspect, upon interrogation, had led a team of police officers to some locations, including a farm, to retrieve some of the stolen weapons taken from the two police stations attacked at Aveyime and Mefe.


Responding to a viral video of a group of police officers being led by one of the suspects through a bush to retrieve some weapons, the minister said, “Seventeen people were arrested on Sunday. I would say that in total about 100 have been arrested.”


Dr. Letsa said the weapons retrieved so far included 14 AK-47 rifles, three pump-action guns, one pistol, a shotgun and some other weapons together with ammunition.


He urged the people in the region and the country to remain calm and assist the police with prompt information to ensure prompt action and to foster peace.


Dr. Letsa was optimistic that the security operatives would get to the bottom of the issue and arrest all persons involved, saying, “They will all be made to face the law for their actions.”


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