Warn Jean Mensah and stop the transfer of aggression – APC Communication Director jabs Peace Council

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Communication Director of All People’s Congress (APC), Mr. Francis Ansah Tawiah in an interview to the media today has called on National Peace Council to advise the Chairperson of Electoral Commission of Ghana, Jean Mensah on the need to engage and dialogue with aggrieved political parties; CSOs and other stakeholders in order to put to rest and end the debate on the exclusion of the current Voter ID Cards in the compilation of New Voters Register as well as the brouhaha surrounding the New Voters Register as a whole.

“The Chairperson of the EC, Jean Mensah has reduced the integrity of the EC in her quest to run the institution as a sole proprietor.”

“The National Peace Council needs to be bold, proactive and warn Jean Mensah and Bossman Asare to end their evil agenda to compile a New Voters’ Register that will be disenfranchised over five(5) million Ghanaians just to get their paymaster elected on the 7th December 2020.”

He stressed on the fact that the National Peace Council needs to adopt a new style of addressing critical issues and stop the ‘Pick and Choose’ style.

The largest opposition party in Ghana, National Democratic Congress (NDC) is currently in court battling the EC on the compilation of the New Voters Register.

The Supreme Court today gave the Electoral Commission four days to explain why they excluded the current Voter ID Cards.

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