Watch The First Kumawood ‘TikTok’ video


Some Kumawood actors have decided to join the viral ‘TikTok’ wave, where many, amid the Coronavirus pandemic, have resorted to as an entertainment centre.

The video app has lots of celebrities signing up by the day where they post videos of themselves dancing or lip-syncing to keep up with their fans.

Ghanaian actress, Matilda Asare, together with some of her colleagues, decided to have fun on set by posting their ‘TikTok’ video.

She posted it with the caption, Work and happiness, kumawood join TikTok 😂😂😂💃.gudnite🙏🙏 [SIC].

The video has been well received by fans who felt entertained by it.

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Check it out below:


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Work and happiness,kumawood join TikTok 😂😂😂💃.gudnite🙏🙏

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