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A new video in circulation that has caught the attention of social media users captures the founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie in his element seated giving prophecies to church members during a phone-in counselling session.

Prophet Nigel has come under serious criticism after Hon. Kennedy Agyapong in his crusade of exposing fake pastors in Ghana on Net 2 TV mentioned his name as being one of the leading ones swaying people.

In the new video sighted, Nigel was seated with one of his junior pastors who was interpreting the words from twi to English to the hearing of his audience at home who were watching.


Nigel Gaisie attending to one of the female callers by name Veronica in the course of his counselling session was narrating how he is actually seeing things in the spiritual realms about her.

Watch the video below:

He said to the caller that in the year 1607, some of her descendants were staying at Teshie-Nungua and in the present, he sees in the realms of the spirit that a Ga-dog wants to devour her.

But to the surprise of all, the female caller said none of her relatives hails from any part of Ga, quickly Nigel twisted the prophecy to another turn. Chai! quick action lol.

He was still insisting that one of the caller’s family lineage have been a Ga before.

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