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We Can show Nude Movies Now, Which Was not Always So – Pascaline Edwards

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Veteran actress, Pascaline Edwards, laments on the terrible stage that the Ghanaian movie industry finds itself especially when compared to how it used to be

Pascaline Edwards has stated that the Ghanaian movie industry is currently suffering from bad content.

The actress explained that content had never been a problem for the industry, especially when there were a lot of regulators who made sure that only the best was produced on screens.



Now, anyone does what they want when it comes to making movies and there are no standards anymore.

“well I will say that there are contents, but one thing I don’t understand, for example, between the two of us, let’s say I have bad content and he has a good one, I with the bad content gets the spot and he with the good one doesn’t, so at the end of the day, I mean we are humans, everybody ends up doing bad contents”.

“I’ve told people a lot, I started saying this years ago, if you want to see change, be the change. But nobody wants to be the change, those days when they give you an award, you walk with pride but these days somebody sits in their home and decides to give awards, I don’t believe in the awards anymore because I can just do a video and I’m awarded for being that”.

She further explained her definition of bad content, as she highlighted the big differences between then and now.

“bad content means, in our culture, there are certain things we don’t say so we don’t translate it into the movies, bad content means that we don’t disrespect our parents but we show movies with all the disrespect, so what are we teaching the younger generations?”.

“We show nude movies but in those days we prick your mind, these days they show you the real thing so where are we going as a nation and an industry?.”

“I remember back then we had the censorship board, even if you say the “S” word, you will go back and reshoot that part and take it out but now they show even the signs with the hands and all that because we go out there and people complain that we should do something about it”. She said in an interview with Chrystal Kwami-Aryee on Simply Showbiz on TV3.

Pascaline Edwards concluded that young artistes should do better in their future endeavours.

“be the character you’re supposed to be, don’t be yourself, be the character, at the end of the day, it’s your work that shows not you, when you go out there and somebody says: oh I know you, you’re an actress, it means you played something”.

“And if somebody can easily remember you as oh you played this, then you’re not good enough, they should be able to say: oh I think I know you somewhere, I think you live here, it means you’re so good that they can’t place you on TV, they can rather place you in their homes, so everybody, be the character, don’t just say you want to be on TV so you’re on TV, be the character. For the producers, don’t use people because you know them, be professional” she Stated.




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