It’s All Weight, Nothing Artificial -Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah To Her New Banging Body


Several female Ghanaian Celebrities I am friends with have accused me of having turned a blind eye to what they claim to be an apparent fact—that Sandra Ankobiah, the beautiful lawyer and socialite has gotten her entire body, including butt, nose and waist fixed.

Of course, they indict me on the grounds that, Sandra is a friend and as such, I’ve decided to cut her a slack by not mentioning something I would have if someone else had it plastered in our faces.

So I approached Sandra Ankobiah a few days ago and asked to her face what her colleagues whisper behind her. That’s me, I will say in a minute what others will take a century to rehearse and dare not say.



But before I give you the answer Sandra Ankobiah gave me when I asked if she has had some amazing work done on her body, let me take you a few months back to London—when I had dinner with Sandra Ankobiah at the posh Nobu restaurant, at Mayfair.

As Sandra Ankobiah walked to our table in her expensive fur coat, almost everyone at the restaurant, especially men, able to see her full figure stared. Her bum, in a bodycon dress, stood up firmly—it was as if it was shooting out, germinating out of her dress. That’s what some call protruding…

When Sandra approached the table where I was seated, I instantly realized her banging body, and also realized she had put on some weight in a good manner.
So we spent the first few minutes talking about the mass admiration of her body, especially her butt and her well-supported boobies by those at the restaurant. Her walk from the entrance to the table was grandiose, albeit uncomfortable.



I was not there to check out the contours of her body so we switched conversations but notably, we all agreed she had put on some good weight and she should keep eating whatever is making her body make such bold statements.

Fast forward to this day and every recent photo she posts on social media puts her body out there as well shaped, with her butt firmly bulging beneath her medium sized boobs and fine waist. She seems to be aware of how great her body looks now and entrenches her figure by wearing more bodycon dresses or jumpsuits that enhance her contours.

In the shadows of these photos dwell comments from her colleagues and fans that she has had some work done on her body—some even claim her nose has been fixed. These things they accuse Sandra of are expensive but it’s not that which she cannot afford if she really wants it done. She drives a Porsche—and flies expensive.


So I messaged her on Whatsapp and asked if she has had any work done on her body—such that, she seems to be finely carved in almost all her photos to be generating these whispers.

And she reminded me of the conversation we had about her body when we met many months ago in London—adding that, she has just put on some befitting weight.

It’s all weight, nothing artificial—she said.

So from the horses own mouth: it’s a matter of good genes as she has not done anything to her body—she has just put some good weight and probably some exercise which includes a lot of squats.

For what it’s worth, enjoy these new photos of the new Sandra Ankobiah

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