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We’ll make up for losses when coronavirus is over – Chinese Ambassador to Ghana assures

Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Shi Ting Wang has given assurances that his home country will try its possible best to maintain relations with African countries, particularly Ghana when the coronavirus pandemic is defeated.

He says though his country has equally felt the ripple effects of the novel coronavirus over the past weeks, it is ready to support other countries overcome the deadly disease.

While speaking in an interview with eTV Ghana, he emphasized the need for African countries to build support systems to wade off future pandemics which may be similar to the deadly coronavirus.

He said, “We will try our best to make up for losses when the pandemic is over. We are important to Africa and Africa is also important to us. Even though we’re facing difficulties, I believe that the pandemic will be over in a short time if we unite and fight together or with concerted efforts from both sides. I do believe that we will win over the pandemic. And in the future, we will put up some measures to strengthen our relations economically, politically and socially.”

Ambassador Shi Ting Wang earlier in the week, admitted that his country has come under severe pressure since it started recovering from the pandemic because several countries around the world have asked them for support.

He made this known in his address on Monday, 6 April 2020 while presenting a consignment of PPEs from his government to the government of Ghana.

He said; “To be honest, nearly every country in the world has asked for China’s help. In the face of such a huge challenge, we have managed to procure these supplies and get them here in chartered flight when all scheduled flights have come to a halt. It is not easy, per se”.

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