Wenchi Youth Petition Peace Council, House Of Chiefs to Resolve Chieftaincy Disputes

    The youth of Wenchi in the Bono region have admonished the various stakeholders in the country to take steps to resolve chieftaincy disputes within the area in the interest of peace and development.
    Wenchi Youth For Development Association in a press conference organised today in Wenchi has petitioned the National Peace Council, National House of Chiefs, the Chieftaincy Secretariat and the Wenchi Traditional Council to quicken its pace in bringing to finality the age-long chieftaincy dispute between the royals in Wenchi.
    They said for more than half a century, Wenchi Traditional Council has been one of the areas plagued with protracted chieftaincy disputes due to unnecessary litigations.
    The youth are demanding an immediate cease-fire from the feuding factions who for decades have been at each other’s throat over which of them has the right to rule.
    The Secretary of the Association Mr Owusu Poku Kennedy addressing the media said, the continued presence of such difficulties derailed development in Wenchi and its environs and hindered its progress.
    He said without a substantive chief their forward march will be a mirage as there will be no legacy for future generations to emulate.
    Mr Osei Evans Gyasi, the public relations officer for the association observed that the time had come for all Wenchi persons of prominence to rise up and end decades of painful conflict, mend fences and restore the dignity of their revered kingdom, to accelerate progress and development.
    “We can only have a strong state if we have united and strong royal groups and families that aspire to a common goal,” he said.
    He, therefore, charged the principal actors in the Wenchi state to put in place deliberate mechanisms that would foster unity among the three royals gates of Wenchi so that, whoever emerges as the new chief can receive the blessings of all.

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