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We’ve to explicitly criminalize LGBTQI+ – Suhuyini

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Tamale North constituency Member of Parliament Sayibu Suhuyini Alhassan has strongly stated that the call for homosexuality to be explicitly made criminal is a good call.

He said the act should be criminalized because there is an argument that the act has not been clearly stated in our laws.

Contributing to a debate on the floor of the House when the issue came up for discussion, he said the good books describe homosexuality as abominable.

To him, from arguments he has listened to from the perspective of Christians, Muslims and lawyers, it seems we all want one thing but from different perspectives.

The Legislator said it would be unheard of for a Muslim to support this practice and still call himself a Muslim.

He indicated it would also be abominable for a Christian to support homosexuality and still remain a Christian.

He added that it would be inappropriate for human rights activists to be making claims that the shutdown of the LGBTQI+ office was unlawful.

Suhuyini Alhassan stressed Ghanaians are not ready to accept the practice because it is religiously abominable and traditionally unacceptable.

‘It culturally does not fit with us,” he added.

He said one is entitled to their rights not to be a criminal but to have respect for their human dignity.

In his words, no one is asking for homosexuals to be lynched or attacked but we need a law to once and for all criminalize it.


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