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Why Accra floods every time it rains

It is in fact, one of the biggest problems on the mind of Ghanaians, one they need an immediate response and resolution to.

Lives and thousands, even millions of properties are destroyed every time it rains in some parts of the country, particularly in the capital.

Many questions come up as to why this persists but this short video captured by Ghanaweb’s lenses perhaps gives a brief idea about how our poor drainage systems and the terrible attitudes are a huge contributing factor.

In the video, as captured around the Nyamekye-Lapaz area, what is supposed to be a gutter for the free-flow of water has been choked mostly by plastic waste products, resulting in stagnation.

Rather than the usual concrete covering, it has also merely been covered with pieces of wood and this is just one of many other trenches we have in the country.

It raises questions about what really citizens are doing to solve the age-old problem they are being affected by and have complained about all this while.

It also questions what exactly the government is doing about the country’s drainage system and sanitation on the whole.


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