Why not legalise donkeys for transport – Murtala slams Mahama

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Former National Secretary, of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Murtala Mohammed, has descended hard on the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congres (NDC) for his decision to make legalisation of Okada oneof its key campaign messages.

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According to him, no serious political party will even think of legalising Okada.

In a statement copied to My News Ghana, he argued that the menace osed by the Okada business is too big a rsik to make anyone think of legalising the trade.

He added that the increase of Okada in Ghana is a sign of joblessness and poor transport systems in the country.

He added also that the motorbikes do not belong to the riders but rather “faceless petty bourgeois hiding in government parastatal like the police, military ministries and cooperate institutions.” 

He added that legalisation of Okada would not be enough if all we are thinking about is profit. We should add the legalisation of Donkey as a means of transport.

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The notion or idea to legalize Okada is lazy venture to say the least. I just can’t imagine that as people we could decide to rationalize our inefficiencies and failures by legalizing Okada instead addressing the issue head on. This is akin to a father, who after failing to stop his nymphomania daughter, decides to start collecting money from men to have affair with her. This is a clear manifestation of irresponsibility, lack of ideas or a lazy man’s approach to the Okada nemesis.

I cannot imagine for once, how any serious party or group could conceive such an idea if not for cheap political capital.

The menace of Okada is a matter of employment. It’s an improvisation as a result of joblessness and poor traffic and transport system in Ghana. The lasting solution to it is not to legitimize it but to build a complete transport and rail system to curb it. We should not substitute the long and difficult lasting solution for a simplistic and short-cut approach to solicit vote over the safety and well-being of the youth.

If we sit aloof to allow the legitimization of Okada, we shall soon legitimize the use of Donkeys as means of transport. I say this because every business is driven by profit. If a business man will not use fuel and can reduce other expenditure like maintenance, why will he not venture into “Donkey Transport System” as a mode of transport?

What many people don’t know about this Okada is that, the motor cycle are not for the riders but some faceless petty bourgeois hiding in government parastatal like the police, military ministries and cooperate institutions.

Too much jokes in this country. #Stap it!


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