Why WhatsApp is trending at number 1 on Twitter

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Messaging platform WhatsApp appears to be on a continuous trip to make some new additions to its services.

The app, earlier this month introduced a new privacy policy that included data sharing across its shared platforms including Facebook.

This new service did not come with any options, in effect, it was compulsory; sign up to the new terms or delete your account.

This sparked a lot of debates and concerns, especially about privacy.

Concerns that WhatsApp eventually came out to address, they maintained that messages will remain encrypted and secure.

This morning, users of the platform probably woke up to another surprising feature on the app; WhatsApp Status.

Four images with different stories and updates from the app show every user’s status.

It is an update for users to know about new features and application updates through its status platform.

It however assures users of the end-to-end encryption it offers which means conversations and calls cannot go beyond Watsapp and or accessed by any outsider.

Again, it seems it is an ‘options’ one.

With this, many Ghanaians have already taken to Twitter to react to this.

Here’s what many of them are saying:






Here is what others around the world are saying about the new feature:






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