Woman left in shock upon meeting US-based husband for the first time

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A young woman has been left in shock after meeting his US based boyfriend who she was about to marry after accepting his proposal during a discussion on social media.

The said hilarious but serious incident was said to have taken place in Mali where the lady lived.

According to reports, the young lady met the man on social media and accepted his proposal after he made his intentyions known to her and promised to come to mali and marry her and take her back to the United States.

Meeting for the very first time on their wedding day, the man stepped out of his vehicle to meet family and friends gathered at the ceremony only for them to realise he is a little person.

The diminutive man leaves his bride-to-be and mother-in-law in shock as the latter breaks into tears.

People who heard the incident have expressed shock as to why a lady would agree to marry a man he has never met giving the reason that the lady is just after money and only agreed to the marriage due to the fact that the young man is living outside the country.

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