Word Inspired, How and Why You Should Self Improve For NATION BUILDING.


    The Ghanaian populace is one that is very youthful. This means majority of Ghanaians are young people. However, we the youth face numerous problems that obviously the government struggles to solve. The problems are too overwhelming that government after government simply make efforts only to push the problem into the future.

    That’s on the side of the government. Come to think of it, what are the youth themselves who face these problems directly doing? Though the effects are felt throughout the economy, its wise that we the youth rise to solve our own problems instead of always waiting for the government. This is why we are here; this is why WORDINSPIRED was created.
    WordInspired (word) is primarily a media group with a wide target of youth, entrepreneurs and business people. Also, word caters for two categories of followers: social media type of young people and older people who want to read because they want to read and develop themselves. So by now you know that WORDINSPIRED is all about self-development. This is because the Ghanaian youth must be able to improve themselves constantly. This is because we not only compete with other Ghanaians but also the entire world for jobs and opportunities both in Ghana and elsewhere. This means we need to be either the best or among the best to get jobs, grow our businesses and brands either personal or corporate.
    Word has  had  a  chequered  history;  starting  off as  a  simple Facebook page; we have  had  the  opportunity of exploring  other  social  media platforms and experimenting  with  various  projects. We  have  come  to realise  that the indigenous online selfdevelopment possesses  is  in two  words ; industry  is  still  an infant  and  the  potential it extraordinary  and  mind  blowing.
    Our  Mission  and  vision  statements
    Our  core  theme  or practice  area  is  motivation  with satellite  projects  in  lifestyle,  entrepreneurship among other  things. All these  are  meant  to  dr will ive  the  Ghanaian  youth into  action. The  list  is not exhaustive  of itself and  as  Word  Inspired grows bigger and  better;  (hopefully  with  you),  more  areas  of interest be  considered  and  added. of inspiring  others,  starting  us In  view  of this,  we  are  in  pursuit  of people  who  share  our passion eful  conversations, initiating  responses  and  developing  some  amount change  in  the  communities  they We are  in search live, and in  the  larger  society. of soldiers of like  interests  to  make  the  change  we You  can  visit  our  blog at wordinspiredgh.com or email us at want to  see.
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    Mobile/WhatsApp:  0233414772  ( Enoch Weguri )

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