Work For Yourselves –  Physically Challenged Farmer Urges


The 2010 Eastern Regional best physically-challenged farmer, Mr. Samuel Teye has encouraged people living with disabilities to take up the challenge of working for themselves and not depending on benevolence from society for survival.
Speaking in an interview with Captain Adabuga on the Rite morning show, the mixed crop farmer said that even though he is physically challenged, that does not push him into seeking for alms on the streets to survive.
Instead, he takes active interest in farming to feed himself and his family.
Mr. Teye tells that he cultivates such crops as yam, pepper, maize and okra on a hectare of land on which he farms to make a living for him, his immediate family and beyond.
He expressed joy at his nomination and subsequent reward as the 2010 Eastern Regional Best Disabled Farmer.
When asked about his expectations concerning the upcoming Farmers Day, Mr. Teye said he was expecting to be nominated yet again for reward in the 2017 event because he meets all the requirements and criteria for the award.
“During the 2010 Award, I was given a tricycle which I sold to invest into the farming business and so I am praying for nomination for the 2017 event and hopefully win a motor bike to enhance my farming business.
Several appeals have been made to government and private organisations to set up a fund to support physically challenged farmers.
The physically challenged also has a lot to bring on board both physically and intellectually but they are compelled to go into other professions due to the enormous obstacles in the society.
These include the refusal of people to engage the physically challenged because they do not believe they can be productive, and this is the main issue that confronts them.
There are other physically challenged persons willing to give of their best but need a little push by way of capital, land, labour or training.
If this is done, it would attract more of her colleagues into the business and for those already engaged in it, to expand their businesses and employ more people including non-disabled persons to reduce unemployment as well as feed the nation.
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