You are a disgrace to Zongos – Nasaras to Muntaka, challenges him with strong questions

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The Greater Accra Regional TESCON Nasaras of the Youth wing of the New Patroitic Party is saddened by recent speech made by Hon Muntaka at the town hall meeting of the NDC in KNUST, Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, challenges to answer these questions.

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In the said statement , he was being quoted saying that NDC offered two statutory holidays for the Zongos as an impactful achievement.

This is an insult to the highest order because we know the motivation that led to that fit. Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Is it not shameful as a Zongo person and a Muslim to look into the eyes of the youth and couldn’t offer any tangible hope for them?

Don’t we deserve good education, better job opportunities, good living etc? Seriously you don’t deserve to be a role model for the Zongo youth.

Even as a minister of state, your office testimony is an insult to the moral fibre of the Zongos to which no youth must emulate.

Arabic Instructors under makaranta to which your party cancelled has already been formalized and you need not to worry your head over it.

Do the Zongo youths and elders need mortuary or morgue as you want to tell us in your ghost manifesto?

How well do you intend observing the dictates of the Quran when you are flouting orders of Almighty Allah and its Prophet? You have only gone to acquire the name “Alhaji” for fame and not by faith.

Zongo need better option and hope and to which those who really care for the Zongos are now in charge and with the best of vision.

We the youth of Zongo have therefore resolved with conviction to consolidate the NPP in office inshallah in the 2020 elections with our massive votes.

Aminu- Convenor of Gt. Accra TESCON Nasara Coordinators

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