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You are lucky, more than 100 people would have died – Defense Minister tells Domefaase residents after assault on soldiers

Deputy Defence Minister Major Derrick Oduro (rtd) has expressed his discontentment over the assault of two military personnel at Domefaase, Obom a town close to Kasoa.

According to the Minister, the attack was irresponsible and amounts to an attack on the whole nation.

He said, ’I would want to commend the military personnel for behaving professionally because they could have fired back. They were armed and had the option of firing back but they chose not to.’’

Deputy Defence Minister Major Derrick Oduro

He angrily burst out angrily saying that he will not allow such an assault on military personnel to happen again and that the culprits will be dealt with anytime such an event occurred.

‘’we will not allow this to occur again. This will be the last one. We will fish all the offenders out and deal with them. Enough is enough,’’ he added.

The Deputy Minister who is also the MP for Nkoranza North said that investigations conducted revealed that the military men went to the town to intervene in a possible clash through the ‘Operation Calm Life’.

Adding, he said, ‘’If the military men had defended themselves as they were supposed to, more than 100 people would have been dead. I must commend them for tempering justice with mercy. We will soon review the mode of our operation. What was the sense that informed the attacks on the military men? How could you attack the military men who came there to rather protect you?’’


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  1. It is just a continuation of what happened to late Major Mahama. How do we create insecurity for security personnel whose duty is it to provide us with security? Government must really do something before the Military find their own solutions. Sorry guys

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