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Young gentleman jailed for attempting to steal cooked rice and rice cooker due to hunger; shares sad story [Video]

Out of severe hunger, a young gentleman attempted to steal cooked rice and a rice cooker and by so doing ended up behind the cold walls of the prison.

While his crime looks minimal and quite mundane, his story clearly revealed what led him to break into a kitchen to get something to eat.

In an exclusive interview with Crime Check Ghana, this young man said he was very hungry because he had moved to a new location.

Instead of enduring hunger to death, he decided to break into a kitchen to find some food to eat. He did just that and chanced upon cooked rice in a rice cooker. While he attempted to feast on the food, luck ran out on him and he was caught.

He pleaded that he was very hungry and need food badly. The owners of the kitchen took pity but sent him to the police station. Since he had no one to pay for his offence, he was sent to court, charged and sentenced by a judge to prison.

Crime Check Ghana believes his crime is quite minimal and does not deserve to spend his early years in prison.

Watch Him Narrate His Story In The Video Below:

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