Your life was easy, stop the fake motivation – J.K Horgle’s daughter ratted on Facebook after quote

Elinam Horgle, daughter of Joseph K. Horgle, owner of the largest Petroleum haulage tanker fleet in Ghana and who heads J.K Horgle Transport has taken her fair share of Facebook troll after she urged the youth never to give up on their dream.

After winning the 40 Under 40 Award in Energy Oil and Gas, the Executive Director of J.K Horgle said:

“All I want to say every youth out there is have the audacity to dream. Have the courage to wake up and start and have the resilience to never give up. Keep fighting till you make it!”

Her motivational quote which went viral in the news saw some Facebook persons react to it.

They accused her of having it easy and hence cannot offer any motivation for the youth since she doesn’t relate.

“Your Father is Mr. Horgle, the biggest oil transporter in Ghana. You don’t have to do anything to succeed young lady. Enough of the motivation !! Yabr3 mo” one Adams Baba wrote.

“These guys dey bore me too much.  They should be in some of us our shoes.” another fellow Ankoye added.

“She never started anything. She was not the dreamer… She is just enjoying and they should spare us. Dem
be very hard with money too knowing how rich they are…..they actually no dey give to put it bluntly.” Another account Gadri wrote

“Gerrout my friend_ every motivation comes from those who were born into rich families. They are the best motivators because they’ve never seen hardship”.

About J.K Horgle Transport

Started in the late 1960s by Madam Abla Horgle of blessed memory, the business evolved from a kerosene peddling business, into a small scale distribution enterprise in late 1970’s, the company’s official website stated.

Abla’s son, Joseph K Horgle continued in the steps of the industrious Madam Horgle, and started his own transportation business in the early 1980’s. He grew this business and eventually incorporated a limited liability company in 2003, J.K Horgle which currently has over 500 semi trailers, bulk road and rigid trucks.

J.K Horgle’s core business is the road transportation of LPG, Bitumen, Packed Lube, Bulk lube, RFO and PMS and AGO.

It is currently run by his daughter, Elinam Horgle.


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