You’re a ‘useless’ President- Ghanaians ‘attack’ Akufo-Addo for ‘Drones over Guinea fowl’ loose talk

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

It appears President Akufo-Addo has incurred the wrath of some Ghanaians over his comment that he prefers drones flying to deliver medicines and blood to Guinea fowls flying to Burkina Fado.

“I prefer drones delivery flying to deliver essential medicines to our people than an investment in guinea fowl that allegedly fly out to Burkina Faso without any trace,” he said during his encounter with the media Wednesday.

But the reaction has been swift and harsh.

“The most useless president ever we voted for “Nana addo”!”

“We have really voted for a mess,he was telling histories whilst journalists needed much of his time to asks him relevant questions!…….. The most useless story telling president ever in history!………….. Talkative vissionless president!”

“But president he built terminal 3, kejetia market, UG hospital, circle n kasoa interchange, kumasi airport expansion, E blocks etc. Are those ones still photoshop to you?”

“And we hope in 2020 u will bring drones to carry us to our various polling stations cos we prefer drones carrying us than we walking on disgusting and bad roads.”

“The fact that the previous government failed shouldn’t be a yardstick for your incompetence. Mr president what we’re saying is in order not fail,drones flying won’t help us .Common sense laaa”

“Why didn’t de prez compare the drones to de ridge hospital? Mother Ghana deserves better than this trivialities. Our hard earned millions of dollars going to be wasted on some drones and we think we shld trivialize it? Smh Ghana has a long way to go!!”

“But mr president, common sense is not monopolized for you and your members only!!! Think about it!!! U are an old man.. wisdom shouldn’t elude u !!!!”

“Guinea fowl was a well-intentioned policy gone wrong/waste just like the GPS. The problem with the drones is that, it doesn’t appeal to common sense to pay $88,000 times 4, each month when there are other alternatives for less especially when you’re an old man and shouldn’t be stealing…”

“Just a few weeks ago this our president said he doesn’t respond to presidential aspirants. What has he seen today? Hypocrisy and lack of principle are his problems. Smh”

“A lot of the bad comments will come from the 3w3s and the northerners but this is a big blow to John Mahama 😂😂”

“this all the media hear the important information that was given they wont take about it . always feeding the people with useless issues ”.

“If the drone saves even one person from dying as a result of snake bite or pregnancy related heamorrhagic incidence, then it’s not a wasteful endeavour. There are more of such needless deaths in rural Ghana, the drones come in handy.”

“I prefer JDM’s UG medical center to NADAA’s drones. This camouflage failed woefully. Disgraceful leader. Eating its sh!t and vomit is the trait of the Dog.”


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