Zodwa Wabantu, the popular pantless dancer is back in the news again over her comment about gay guys, days after showing off more than usual at the Durban July event.


The dancer has been dragged on social media over her comment in an episode of her reality show which aired last weekend. Zodwa had taken a dig at South African gay celebrities, who she said have all had a fight with female celebrities even though they accomodate them more. Highlighting her opinion on the stereotypical characteristics of homosexual men, she said;

“Gay people are naughty. Name a gay person in the industry who has never fought with a girl. They are convinced that they have a vagina, they have a penis. We have vaginas. We accommodate you guys so that you feel that you get to wear makeup. When we talk about me, you’ll get a chance too.”

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House of Zonke@Moosa_Kaula

Is Zodwa WaBantu’s homophobia and transphobia gonna remain unchecked?

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Reacting to her claims, Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela wrote;

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 “You teach people how to treat you. Ya’ll worship hetero celebs too much! We are the only country in the world that has a LGBTQI awards event that literally serves to praise straight people for just being famous. People who have done nothing for the community. And you ban gays!” While actor Nokuthula Mavuso said: “Before a show goes on air, the tape goes through so many people for approval. Nobody, absolutely nobody thought ‘this is not it,’? @MojaLoveTv and Zodwa Uncensored should also be called out.”

Here are other comments over the alleged homophobic comment below;

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Mohale Motaung@mohale_motaung

She doesn’t have to talk about me for me to realize a homophobic folk.

samukelisiwe Dhlamini@Samu_Dhlamini

I hear you man, but as for Naah.

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Suntosh Pillay


Hate speech starts with these kinds of attention-seeking histrionics.

Zodwa just set feminism back a good couple decades.

Slow clap👏🏽 rights are human rights, not special rights.

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Thuggy Mummy@ObeDada

At the same time though we grew up with these kinds of statements. ESalon this was the standard line I’ve learnt it is problematic but I don’t believe Zodwa intended it as hate speech. If she were to learn it & continue then I will have to concede. I hope she learns.

Gay Saint@GaySaint1

The problem is she has no restrictions to what she can or can not say and sadly we promote it with without realising that we having children been subjected to this…I wonder how long it’s gonna take to realize that she is a rotten apple spoiling a whole lot of us

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TD Daniels@tddaniels_

I just can’t believe that someone who’s been favoured by the most of the LGBTI+ community would speak such. Who hurt you sisi? Or kune gay ekudlele indoda?

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🧜🏿‍♀️C A S S A N D R A🧘🏾‍♀️@MsCassandraGud

Don’t downplay Zodwa’s homophobic violence. Anyone with any kind of platform should be smart enough to use it responsibly. If they aren’t, disconnect their microphone

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Siyauyazi Mshengu@realsiyauyazi

I really liked Zodwa Wabantu until she made those remarks. No one is being accommodated by you la. @Zodwa_Wabantu wena inkinga yakho u think uyasatshwa. Being homophobic is a choice made by ugly people who feels intimidated by homosexuals. @MojaLoveTv

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Xolani Dlaedwa@XolaniTheBrand

@Zodwa_Wabantu Kodwa how can you say you accommodate us gays.
Hate speech starts like this.
I feel some homophobia in your words.
I am not AntiZodwa.
But this offended me

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Lost respect for Zodwa wabantu after that hateful speech 🤮🤚 asfuni kuku wena. And we don’t need girls to feel a certain way.

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Reggie 🌹@infinite67_

Homophobia doesn’t have to claim a life to be considered homophobia. @Zodwa_Wabantu – your comments were not only homophobic in nature, buh they were transphobic too considering the existence of gay trans men with vaginas!!! 🙅🏽‍♂️🚫 https://twitter.com/passeks/status/1147576101784444929 


Ehhh Zodwa. The homophobia jumped out. 💀 #ZodwaUncensored

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Warren Nebe@WarrenNebe


Freedom doesn’t come free. Freedom comes with responsibility. Freedom of expression cannot exist without freedom of dignity. Gay rights are human rights. 🏳️‍🌈

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